Monday, September 04, 2006


Four months to go? Never believe anyone about anything. Least of all me.

Well, its like this. The "publish with publisher" thing didn't work out, not my fault.

So now I'm publishing it myself, on demand (and through amazon, of course) and I get a better royalty. Book still costs the same, just lower overheads. Not that you mind me getting something for 11 years hard work, do you?

If you want to publis your own book for a microscopic up-front fee (less than £55) then go to and sign up.

Anyway, I am only writing this while I wait for the final proof copy to come via mule from Spain, then I'll press the appropriate buttons and its all yours.

More news tommorrow!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Four months to go ...

... before I'm a published author, with my own ISBN number and all that. I checked a draft of the Encyclopaedia the other week, and its looking good. It is now (after its been effectively "done" for 4 months) that people are suggesting additional entries ... [Law of Sod, para 4 sub clause 3 applies]. Anyway, since it has been a little while, I thought I'd add a post.

Well, since we last spoke I've had two articles printed (admittedly in the PWI journal, but printed nonetheless) and a third coming soon. Work continues on book 2, albeit slowly.

More soon (and more soon than last time)

Sunday, February 27, 2005

er... hello? is it on *TAP* *TAP* hello?

t seems to be working now.


First thing I did on my ZX81, that. Old habits die hard. anyway, just a quick line to say that I'm now here, and more will follow. If I can be a**ed, anyway.